Hello Wikians! <3 <3

Today I am putting in a request to adopt this wiki and receive admin rights to help continue to work on this wiki. Please see some of the notes below on what I've contributed with and what I plan to do:

A) I have made several edits and created all the articles pages for the songs from Thank You.

B) I have categorized every uncategorized article, and added new appropriate categories to certain songs.

C) I have created a navigation template such as Thank You Songs that I plan to implement on pages.

D) I have renamed certain page titles that weren't optimal (i.e. "Watch Me Do (Song)" renamed to "Watch Me Do".) This increases the likelihood of Google picking up on the page and a user clicking on it, which helps the wiki thrive and gain visitors.

My plans:

A) I'm so so so excited about a new theme I've been working on! I made it 100% from scratch, and it's a perfect type of theme that matches the style of Meghan Trainor's new album, Thank You. I would be able to implement this style if the adoption went through! <3 If you have any suggestions to make it better, I'm always open so leave a comment below! :)

B) I plan to get this wiki back on it's feet by, after creating a certain amount of content pages (which I plan to do over the next few weeks), request a Spotlight so millions of Wikia users see our wiki and are likely to click on it. This can boost the viewers of a wiki by tons!

These are just a few ideas I have planned <3 <3 :P Thanks for reading! I will be attempting the adoption.