Released 9 September
Length 2:54
Producers Kevin Kadish
Label Epic
From Title (Album)

"Title" is a song on Meghan Trainor's studio album of the same name. It was intended to be the second single off the album, but Lips Are Movin' was chosen instead. It is a fan-favorite for the Megatrons (Meghan Trainor fans) and is the most streamed track from the album, excluding singles on Spotify.


Trainor felt that "Title" showcased what her artistic style was about, and said, "I loved that 'Title' showed a little Caribbean drum before the chorus and then, like, a rap brdge that was, like…[a] totally different sound." It was described by the singer as "call me your girlfriend, I'm sick of being your boo thing, so call me your girlfriend and give me that title".The lyrics to this new song are amazing. In “Title,” Meghan, warns her boyfriend that he needs to stop using the word “friend” when he refers to her. This is the title track off the Title EP and Album.

Music VideoEdit

Meghan Trainor confirmed on Twitter that she was shooting the music video to "Title" on Twitter, however it has not been announced whether Meghan has finished the video or abandoned it. A music video for "Title" was shot in Los Angeles on October 21, 2014, at a downtown movie palace. It was directed by Fatima Robinson. Its premise follows a theme inspired by the AAU Mr America pageant. Trainor was accompanied by several film makers and male models who wore sashes, while sporting a sparkling dress and lime green fur for the shoot.



The official Music Video of Title - [1]