Released January 9, 2015
Length 0:24
Producers Kevin Kadish
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"The Best Part (Interlude)" is a short introduction which starts Meghan Trainor's album Title.


"The Best Part", which declares Trainor's delight in being a songwriter and shares similarities with Pat Ballard's "Mr. Sandman" (1954). A bubblegum-pop doo-wop song.


In her Spotify Track by Track Commentary she stated that;

  • This song is only vocals because she loves acapellas.
  • She recorded it in Kevin Kadish 's House.
  • She wrote it in her car on the way home from the studio.
  • The sounds of the song actually came from a "catchy little melody""


"I got a heart full of rhythm,

that beats with no pain,

I got a head full of melodies

stuck in my brain.

But the best part of being a singer at all

Is singing to the world my songs

I said singing to the world, my songs"