Released December 25, 2009
Length 4:43
Producers Meghan Trainor
Label Independant
From Meghan Trainor (Album)

"See You Smile" is a song off Meghan Trainor's self titled album Meghan Trainor.

Background Edit

‘'See You Smile’‘ was Written, Produced, and Performed by Meghan Trainor in 2009. Recorded for her first Independent album “Meghan Trainor”, this was the 11th track on this album and is not a single.

Lyrics Edit

I waited till I met the day
The day that you would go away
Yeah I new you were something special
I waited for nothing else
Cause nothing mattered but myself
Yeah I knew I just had to have you
Ooh the way you'd say
Ooh you're on your way
Felt like nothing else could change my mind
Ooh you're something new
Who could it be but you
You can make it feel so right tonight

Could it be the way you say
Put a smile on your face
Could it be the way you try
To always change my mind
Could it be the way you are
Could it be that I'm so far
You make me wanna go back in time
To see you smile (to see you smile)

I waited till I met the day
The day that you would come my way
Now I feel like my life's complete
Oh yeah it's a fact
My happiness is back
Just because you are here with me
Ooh the way you'd say
Ooh you make my day
The butterflies would appear inside me
Ooh you run my dreams
I hope you dream just like me
Cause then I know that this was meant to be


There's no other one out there quite like you
I'd have to search the world but none could compare to you
Cause you're the one I want and all I'll ever need
I don't know what it is but could it be, could it be